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Emmet Helps Build a Patio

OK, so he's not really that helpful...

Plug 'N Play Emmet

Starts being cute right out of the box.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

This cat just can't keep his tongue under control...

TV Will Rot Your Brain

He likes nature shows. The other cats ignore the TV, and watch the VCR instead.

This is Your Cat...

...This is Your Cat on Drugs

OK, so it's hard to see, but this is Emmet after a bit of surgery, before the drugs have completely worn off. He spent two full hours very, very slowly roaming all over the house.

Emmet At Work

Specific job duties: begging for food, begging for attention, and begging for attention while being fed.

Emmet Does Commercials

OK, so he's not very good at them...

Emmet At Rest

There's nothing like a roaring fire or a quiet sunbeam after a hard day's work posing for the camera...
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