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Brushed Cat

...with a toothbrush. Every day, for all of the cats.

Sunk Cat

She prefers to get her water fresh from the tap. She even likes baths and showers--once you get her wet; however, we suggest protective clothing until that point...

Jingoro the Thrill-Seeker

She knows that we'll turn the vacuum cleaner on while she's sleeping on the hose. We do this all the time. Yet she still insists on sleeping there. Actually, she'll even curl up in the vacuum cleaner hose if she sees you coming. When the suction starts, the hose contracts and curls up just like a python...

Jingoro the Laundry Cat

She loves to help with the laundry, especially subduing the socks. You never have to worry about your socks escaping and attacking you in the night when Jingoro is on guard...

Jingoro the Linux Ubergeek

Candid moments with a familiar penguin. And why just read the F manuals, when you can make them into furniture instead? Note: some nearby and unimportant humans have been removed from these images.

Jingoro At Work

Jingoro does commercials.

Jingoro Looks Cute

This is Jingoro's primary function in our organization...

Basket Case

Big furry cat. Little tiny basket. We've offered her larger baskets, but she doesn't want any basket other than her own.
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